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Syllabus for JNVST Class-9th Lateral Entry 2022

Syllabus and Exam Pattern for JNVST Class-6th 2022

E-Granthalaya JNV hoshiarpur Web-OPAC


JNV Phalahi Library has been established in 2002 . Our library is a partially automated library & a hub of our Vidyalaya, where readers can get their required documents and get an opportunity to read such rich treasures of wisdom . Students can consult various books & make academic notes, in this way they can prepare themselves for examination etc. to complete their project work .The aim of our library is to inculcate reading habits among our students/readers . Although, organise various activities so that students get motivated & encouraged to read various books. The services provide by our library e.g Circulation Reference, Periodical,CAS, SDI, e-Granthalaya OPAC etc.


  • Maintain Discipline and Silence in the library .
  • Library books are to be issued for 14 days only .
  • Issued books must be returned on or before due date, otherwise it will be charged as per rules i.e 1 Rs./Day .
  • Don’t write or mark anything on the books .
  • Readers must check the condition of the books at the time of issue ,otherwise they will be responsible to pay for damage .
  • If the book lost by reader, he/she will replace the book or to pay the cost of the book.
  • General Reference books ((e.g Dictionaries ,Encyclopedia,Handbook, Yearbook, Manorama etc. ) and current periodicals will not be issued , readers may use these reading materials within the library premises .
  • Don’t misplace the book, put it on their proper place after use.
  • Don’t eat ,spit and throw wrappers/papers on the floor of the library.
  • Books will be issued to the students during the library periods only, No book will be issued during the teaching hours.
  • Maintain transaction record ,otherwise reader may not be eligible to get the issue .
  • Librarian may demand for the books at the time of stock verification or of any reason.


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